Just as other life-related routines and activities, our sexual life holds a significant place for everyone. A sexually-active and satisfied couple enjoys life in a better way. And there are instances where lack of sexual satisfaction leads to end of the relationships. So, how will your sexual life be after marriage? Are you struggling to find astrological consultation for sex health prediction? Or Why to consider astrology for sex health prediction? We will talk about this very less-talked yet important subject right in this article.

Sex Health Prediction By Kundali –

As we firmly advocate the fact that our Kundali talks about every phase of our lives, sex health is no exception here. When you consult a renowned astrologer, he will give quality predictions on your sex life, or also will let you know if any obstacles are there which are leading you to live a poor sex life. But, it depends on your selection of an astrologer. With a good astrologer, you will have access to a voice report for sex health prediction which aims to give a better clarity on this concern.

How astrological consultation for Sex benefits people –

In the modern time, we all are becoming excessively dependent on medicines which temporarily provide relief but leave us with unexpected side effects. These side effects make people drained physically, emotionally and financially. In place of taking medicine for everything, there are solutions available in the form of astrology. Sexual wellbeing is something where astrology can help you to a great extent. Find an online report for sex health prediction as it includes everything from causes to solutions to reward a native with the best sex life.

Moreover, it has also been noted that sometimes sexual causes are not found by doctors, but astrology does. And once a cause is discovered, the given solution always works. That’s how health prediction for sexual life by astrology benefits couples and individuals remarkably to achieve a happy and satisfied life.

There are multiple ancient practices in astrology that continually offer unique perspectives on various aspects of life and sexual health is one of them. We are not saying that astrology is a replacement for medical advice or treatment; but, it can provide insights into the celestial bodies’ effect on our bodies and relationships.

Let’s pay attention to the specific astrological approach towards sexual wellbeing –

Astrologers interconnect individuals like us with the cosmic energies which can be traced in our Kundali as it is influenced by the positions of celestial bodies at the time of a native’s birth. Each zodiac sign governs specific areas of the body and aspects of our personality including sexuality. By analysing a person’s Kundali, astrologers can identify potential strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances related to sexual health and thus make appropriate sex health predictions.

Sex Health Predictions Based on Zodiac Signs of the Native –

Each zodiac sign possesses unique qualities and accordingly the native gets the personality traits that influence sexual preferences, desires, and challenges.

Mumbai Astro gives example, fiery signs like Aries and Leo are known for their passion and vigour in bed, while earthy signs such as Taurus and Virgo prioritise sensuality and physical pleasure. Air signs like Gemini and Libra tend to value mental stimulation and communication in intimate encounters, while water signs like Cancer and Scorpio are deeply emotional and intuitive in matters of love and intimacy.

Different Planetary Transits Affecting Sexual Health –

Astrological transits which always occur with planetary movements in our Janam Kundli through specific positions in the sky. These astrological transits can also impact sexual health.

For instance, the movement of Mars, which is known as the planet of energy and desire, can influence libido levels and sexual vitality.

Similarly, Saturn’s transits may bring about periods of sexual frustration or challenges which encourage individuals to reassess their boundaries and commitments in their relationships.

Knowing different astrological remedies and healing practice to enhance sexual health-

Astrological analysis on sexual health does not only predict how your sexual life is and will be, but it also provides relevant solutions for improving the sexual life of individuals. With an astrological consultation from a qualified astrologer, you will have accurate sex life prediction along with required astrological remedies and healing practices to address sexual health concerns.

For instance, you could be suggested to wear a gemstone based on your zodiac sign and with its effect, you will notice improvement in your sex life. The reason for the same is because wearing gemstones that is associated with your zodiac signs’ ruling planet can help balance energies and enhance sexual well-being.

Besides, practising meditation, yoga, or tantra is also a good practice aligned with astrological principles and can also promote physical and emotional harmony in relationships.

Consulting an Astrologer For Sex Health Prediction By Kundali –

To know specific answers related to your sex health, it is always recommended to consult a good astrologer. A prediction on sex life made by an astrologer would give you clarity about your partner and help you set the right expectations accordingly. By giving required remedies and solutions on enhancing your sex health, he can guide you towards a happy and more satisfied life. Apart from sex life prediction, you can also consult for lifespan prediction or any other life’s event related astrological prediction.

Conclusion –

While astrology may not offer quick fixes for sexual health issues, but its holistic approach and astrological remedies provide a valuable base for understanding the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

By following the wisdom of the stars, insights of horoscopes and integrating astrological insights into our lives, you can definitely get on a journey toward greater self-awareness, fulfilment, and well-being in matters of sexuality.

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Source: https://mumbaiastro.in/blog/balancing-sexual-desires-for-a-happier-relationship/