Choosing a face beauty cream is not that easy, there are several important factors that we must take into account when making the purchase, and below you will find some relevant factors on how to make the best purchase.

Skin type

Each skin type comes with unique needs and characteristics. For example, oily skin requires formulas that control excess sebum and prevent acne, while dry skin requires products rich in moisturizing ingredients to maintain optimal moisture levels. People with sensitive skin should be careful about products with mild and non-irritating ingredients, while for mixed skin, matching a Beauty cream that balances dry and oily areas is key.

Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, retinol or antioxidants may be beneficial for certain skin types but may not be suitable for others. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with the specific needs of your skin is essential to make an informed choice. Changes in climate, the level of pollution or exposure to the sun can influence the condition of our skin.

SPF and sun protection

Protecting the skin against harmful solar radiation is essential in any skincare routine, and choosing a face cream with SPF is a very important step in this direction. SPF, or sun protection factor, is not just a trend but rather a necessity in maintaining long-term skin health.

Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is a major factor in the premature ageing of the skin. The sun emits UVA and UVB radiation, which can cause severe damage, from the appearance of wrinkles to more serious injuries. The SPF acts as a protective barrier against these harmful radiations, helping to prevent these problems.

Solar radiation can stimulate excessive melanin production, leading to hyperpigmentation. By using a face cream with SPF, we help maintain an even skin tone and prevent these unpleasant problems. Excessive exposure to the sun can lead to painful burns and significant skin damage. A face cream with adequate SPF provides an essential protective barrier, thus preventing sunburn and associated discomfort.

When looking for a face cream, we must choose a golden pearl cream with an appropriate level of SPF depending on our daily activities and the degree of exposure to the sun. From SPF 15 to SPF 50 or more, the range of options allows us to select the right product for our specific needs.

Perfume or no perfume

Perfume, although often associated with a pleasant and sensory experience, can have various implications on our skin, and awareness of these aspects is crucial. Sensitive skin can react negatively to certain perfume ingredients, showing irritation or redness. In contrast, an unscented cream offers a safer option for those with sensitive skin, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions.

In addition to the dermatological aspect, the perfume in cosmetic products can be a trigger for people with allergies or sensitivities to certain chemical substances. By choosing a perfume-free cream, the potential allergic risks are reduced while providing effective care for our skin.

The added flavours can interact with other ingredients, affecting the formula and, implicitly, the benefits brought to the skin. A fragrance-free cream offers a more concentrated solution of the active ingredients, avoiding interference that could affect the effectiveness of the facial treatment.

Many opt for fragrance-free products to minimize the risks associated with chemicals added to the composition. A cream without artificial flavours may be more suitable in a minimalist care regime, a priority for those who want a simple and effective approach.


These are my recommendations for face creams. I have chosen for you the best face creams currently on the market, and I have also left you at the end a list of online stores where you can find an impressive collection of creams at different prices. As always, I recommend that you look for the creams above and in other stores from the list I left because new promotions may appear, and I may wait to update in time because I can’t keep up that fast.

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